Dominate Or Be Submissive: The Choice is Yours

“Don’t try to compete, Create!
Don’t try to compare, Dominate!
Don’t try to complain, Change!
And don’t just try, Commit!
This is the moment that can change your life forever!”
―Farshad Asl

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Many people wake up dreading the day. As soon as their eyes open, they focus on the negativity of days past or they envision all the negative things that could happen during the present day. Once they’re up, they either read about the drama on social media or listen to the news which is packed full of horrible stories. Then they wander through the day reacting to whatever situation comes their way. These people live a submissive lifestyle. 

I have heard many times that our life is the sum total of our habits. If we have bad habits like excessive drinking, laziness, gambling, wasteful spending, etc., those habits will show up in other areas of our life. On the other hand, when we have good habits there’s no limit to the level of success we can achieve.

For example: USA, LLC
  • Kobe Bryant started his first workout at 4:00 am while most others in the NBA started 3-4 hours later.
  • Stephen King writes 10 pages a day, every day of the year (even holidays).
  • Beethoven carried sheets of music paper and a pencil whenever he was taking long vigorous walks in case an idea struck him.

As I’ve been reading books and listening to audio on personal development, I’ve learned that most successful people have morning habits that allow them to start their day in a positive state of mind which ultimately allows them to be more productive throughout the day.

Here are some of the rituals I’ve learned and have implemented in my own life:

  • Get up early and spend time alone – Instead of getting up and rushing for work or getting your kids dressed. Get up while the house is still quiet.
  • Creative an environment for positivity as soon as you wake up –  I like to start my day with prayer and giving thanks for the blessings that I have and those that are yet to come. But you can create a positive environment by:
    • Visualizing the life you want to have
    • Meditating
    • Watching motivational videos on YouTube
    • Reading positive or self-development books
  • Prepare for your day in advance – Before you start working, write down the things you want to accomplish the during the day. (These should be things that are a priority for you. If it’s not a priority, don’t put it on the list.)

These are just a few ideas to help you create a morning ritual. The point is to be intentional as you start your day and set yourself up for world domination. Ok, so I got carried away, but you can dominate your day. Changing the way you start your day has the potential to change your life forever. 

Just in case you need more motivation check out this video from The Motivation Stop. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel here

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